Land Grants (1825) – a roll call of (some of) the displacers and map (1824)

Chart of Van Diemens Land Thomas Scott med-lge


Surveyor General’s Office, Hobart Town,

November 14th, 1825.

NOTICE is hereby given to the PROPRIETORS of the under-mentioned GRANTS of LAND, that the same are ready for Delivery at   this Office and it is requested that those Individuals entitled to receive them will lose no Time in making personal or written Application, as all Deeds remaining uncalled for, after the Expiration of three Weeks from this Date, will be returned to Head Quarters by the earliest Opportunity.

P. CAVENAGH, Assistant Surveyor.

Able, William

Aitley, Henry

Alexander, William

Allan, Joseph

Allardice, William

Alldridge, John

Allison, Francis

Allomes, Robert

Alston, George

Anderson, James

Anderson, James

Anson, Henry

Anson, John

Archer, Joseph

Archer, Thomas

Archer, William

Armstrong, Robert

Ashton, George

Atkins, Thomas

Ayres, Ann

Bacon, Charles

Baker, William

Ballentine, Duncan

Bantyne, James

Bantyne, James

Barclay, Andrew

Barnard, Charles

Barnard, Geo.

Barnes, John

Barnes, William (2)

Barrett, Thomas

Bartlet, Theodore

Bateman, John

Beacroft, Catherine

Beames, Thomas

Bearfoot, John

Beechy, Charles

Beechy, Charles

Bergen, John

Bevis, Richard

Bingham, John, jun.

Bingham, John, sen.

Bird, Samuel

Blinkworth, T. C.

Blyth, William

Boney, Henry

Boney, Joseph

Bonney, Joseph

Boothman, J. B.

Boothman, J. B.

Bostock, Robert

Bowden, Matthew

Bowen. Henrietta

Bradbury, Joseph

Bransrombe, Thomas

Broadrib, Wm. Adams

Brooe, Stephen

Brooks, George

Brown, John

Brown, Thomas

Brown, William

Brumby, James

Brumby, James

Brumby, John

Brumby, William

Brvan. Samuel

Bryan, Edward

Bryan, Samuel

Buckingham, Richard

Buist, Arthur

Bunster William

Burchall, John

Burns, Jacobina

Burrell, Andrew

Burrows, John

Butcher, William

Buxton, Thomas

Buxton, Thomas

Capon, Thomas

Carter, Thomas

Carter, Thomas, sen.

Cassidy, John Antony,

Charles Chipman,

Charles Lyford,

Cleary, Mary Ann

Cook, William

Cooley, William

Copeland, Peter

Corney, Matthew

Crear, James

Cumming. Jas. C.

Cummins, John

Cundell, Agnes

Dalrymple, Patrick

Danvers, Geo. Butler

Davidson, Walter

Davis, Benjamin

Davis, Henry

Davis, John

Davis, Thomas

Dawes, Frederick

Dean, John

Deane, John

Dell, Joseph

Derbyshire, John

Desailly, Francis

Diprose, Thomas

Dixon, George

Dixon, Robert

Dixon, Robert

Dogherty, John

Doran, James

Downes, Michael

Downs, John

Downward, Richard

Duggan, Arthur

Duncan, James

Earle, John

Edgeworth, Newcom.

Elliott Leake,

Espie, Robert

Evans, Robert

Evans, William, sen.

Faber, John

Falconer, George

Falconer, George

Field, John Taylor

Fisk, Arnold

Fitzgerald, Michael

Fitzgerald, Michael

Fitzgerald, Thomas

Fladden, James

Flaherty, Charles P.

Flaherty, Thomas

Flaven, John

Fleming, Patrick

Fletcher, Charles

Fletcher, Thomas

Flint. William

Fogarty, Mary

Forbes, Robert

Foreman, John

Foster, Jane

Foster, Jane

Foster, John

Foster, John

Foxton, Charles

Frazier, William

Frazier, William

Fred. Miller, Edward

Free, Samuel

Fryett, James

Furness, William

Futrill, Theophilus

Gardiner, John

Garth, James

Germain, Hugh

Gibson, David

Gibson, David

Glydesdale, George

Goulder, Matthew.

Gregory, Robert

Gregson, Thos. G. (3)

Griffiths, John

Griffiths, Valentine

Griffiths, William

Hall, Joseph

Hall, Robert

Hames, Richard

Hancock, Benjamin

Hannagan, Thomas

Hannaway, James

Harbourn, Harry

Hardwicke, C. B.

Hardwicke, Fred.

Harris John

Harrison, Robert

Harte, J. D. C.

Hayden, Martin

Hayes, John

Hayes, Thomas

Healey, William

Henderson, Andrew

Herbert, Elizabeth

Hermitage, George

Hill, James

Hill, James, jun.

Hill, Samuel

Hill, William

Hill, William

Hillas, Mark

Hillier, George

Hinchey, James

Hinds, John

Hoberman, John

Hodges, George

Hodgetts, James

Hodgetts, Nathaniel

Hodgetts, Thomas

Hodgson, Edmund

Hodgson, Edmund

Hogan, Patrick Gould

Holland, James

Hollick, Thomas

Holmes, Richard

Hooke, John

Hooper, James

Hopkins, John

Hopley, William

Hoppey, Charles

Horan, Charles

Horn, William

Horne, Benjamin

Hortell, James

Horton, Samuel

Hoskins, William

Houghton, James

Household, Robert

Howe, John

Hudspeth, J. M.

Hume, James

Hurst, John Hayes, John

J. Hayes, Thomas, sen.

James Lewis, Henry

Jamieson, David (2)

Jamieson, Robert

Jellico, Henry

Jillet, Robert

John Abrahams,

John Lucas,

Johnson, John

Jordan, James

Jordan, Thomas

Josephs, James

Jubb, George

Karley, George

Keane, Matthew

Kearley, William

Kearney, Thomas

Keating, William D.

Kenworthy, William

Kenworthy, William

Kerrigan, Teague

Kettle, Robert

Kidner, Thomas

Kimberley Edward (2)

Kimberley, Wm. (4)

King, Francis

Kirby, George

Kirkham, Richard

Knox, John (2)

Lackey, Michael

Lackey, Michael

Lamont, John

Lancetter, Samuel

Landell, Thomas

Lane, David

Langdon, William

Langloh, Frederick

Larsom, Richard

Lawson, John

Leith, William

Lempriere, Thomas J.

Lenaghan, Joseph

Lette, Peter

Levermore, Thomas

Leviston, William

Lewis, Andrew

Liddell, John

Long, Daniel

Lord, Simeon

Lucas, George

Lucas, Nathaniel

Lucas, Nathaniel

Lucas, Nathaniel

Lucas, Thomas

Lucas, William

Luttrell, Alfred

Luttrell, Edward

Luttrell, Oscar

M’Augh, John

M’Cann, Thomas

M’Carty, John

M’Cawley, James

M’Cormick, James

M’Craw, George

M’Donald, Donald

M’Donald, Roderick

M’Dowal, William

M’Gee, Dennis

M’Ginnis, Hugh, jun.

M’Ginnis, Hugh, sen.

M’Ginnis, John

M’Ginnis, William

M’Kabe, Patrick

M’Knight, John

M’Lean, Allan

M’Leod, Archibald

M’Nab, Alexander

M’Nally, James

M’Nally, John

M’Queen, John

Mack, Elizabeth

Mackersay, James

Mackey, Daniel

Mackie, William

Maclanachan, James

Mander, Robert

Manning, John

Margetts, John

Marsh, Henry

Marshall, George

Marshall, John

Massey, Thomas

Massey, Thomas Wm.

Massey, Thomas, jun.

Massey, Thomas, sen.

Mathews, Robert

Mawman, William

Maxey, Thomas

McCormick, James

Menzie, Charles H.

Meredith, George

Meredith, John

Meredith, John

Meredith, John

Meredith, John, jun.

Meredith, John, jun.

Merrick, Thomas

Milikin, William

Mills, Peter

Milne, George

Mockeridge, Nath.

Monaghan, Mary

Monaghan, William

Monds, Thomas

Moore, John

Moulds, John

Mountgarrett, Jacob

Mulgrave, Peter A.

Murphy, Patrick

Murphy, Samuel

Murphy, Thomas

Murray, Hugh

Nash, Samuel

Nasmyth, John

Naylor, Richard

Neill, James

Neill, James, jun.

Neill, Robert

Newman, Thomas

Newton, John

Nicholas, Edward

Nicholds, Wm., jun.

Nightingale, William

Nokes, Benjamin

Nolman, Robert

Nowell, Edwin

Officer, Robert

Oliver, John

Oliver, William

Oulton, Humphrey O’Brien, James

Overell, James

Owen, George

Owen, Richard

Page, George

Page, James

Paine, Edward

Palmer, Edward

Palmer, Thomas

Parson, William

Paterson Myles

Paterson, Frederick

Paterson, John

Paton, William

Pearson, Temple

Peet, William

Peevor, John

Pendell, Joseph

Pennington, Thomas

Perriman, G. Lewis

Peterson, Frederick

Philip Brown, John

Phillips, Matthew

Phillips, Richard

Pierwell, Henry

Pike, William

Piper, George

Pitt, Richard

Pool, Thomas

Porter, John

Powell, John

Presnell, John

Presnell, Thomas

Presnell, Thomas

Presnell, Thos. jun.

Prestage, John

Prosser, Thomas

Pyers, Samuel

Pyers, Samuel

Quin, Thomas

Quin, Timothy

Quinton, Barnard

Radley, Charles

Rawlins, John

Read, George

Read, George

Reago, Carmino

Reardon, Bartholo.

Reardon, Bartlett

Redding, Andrew

Reid, Alexander

Reid, Alexander

Reid, James

Reynolds, David

Richardson, William

Riley, Patrick

Riley, Thomas, jun.

Riley, Thomas, sen.

Riseley, John

Ritchey, Thomas

Roach, William

Roadknight, Thomas

Roberts, Erasmus

Roberts, John

Robertson, Hugh

Robertson, James

Robertson, John

Robertson, William

Robertson, William

Robinson, Charles

Robinson, Edward

Rochford, James

Rogers, John

Rose, David

Ross, James

Rowcroft, Charles

Rowcroft, Horace

Ruffey, Frederick

Ruffey, Wm. James

Russell, Philip

Salmon, Joseph

Salmon, Samuel

Salmon, Thomas

Salmon, Thomas, jun.

Saltmarsh, William

Saunderson, John

Savage, James

Scott, James

Scott, Thomas

Scott, Thomas

Seale, Charles

Sells, William

Sharp, Thomas

Sharpless, Thomas

Shell, Bartholomew C.

Sherlocke, Samuel

Shoebridge, William

Short, John

Simmons, John

Simmons, John

Simpson, George

Simpson, T. C.

Simpson, T. C.

Sinclair, John

Slatter, George

Smith, David

Smith, George

Smith, John

Smith, John

Smith, Maurice

Smith, Oliver Steel, James

Smith, Sarah

Smith, Sarah

Smith, Simeon

Smith, Thomas

Sneilhouse, John

Sockett, Francis

Somerville, Mungo

Sparkes, Thomas

Sponstord, Zachariah

Stalker, D.W.

Stanfield, Daniel

Stanley., William

Staples, John

Steel, Joseph

Stephens, John

Stephenson, M. M

Stonehouse, Robert

Stonehouse, William

Strahan, Robert

Stynes, James

Sutherland, I. C.

Taylor, Andrew

Taylor, Daniel

Taylor, David

Taylor, George, jun.

Taylor, George, sen.

Taylor, Peter

Taylor, Robert

Taylor, Robert

Techener, James

Teder, James

Thirkell, Robert

Thomas Casper, Philip

Thomas, John

Thompson, Adam

Thompson, Archibald

Thompson, Charles

Thompson, George

Thompson, H. S.

Thompson, John

Thomson, Thomas

Tibbs, John

Tidmus, William

Till, William

Toombs, Thomas

Trenholmn, John

Triffith, James, jun.

Triffith, James, sen.:

Triffith, Thomas

Troy, Richard

Troy, Richard

Trumpeter, Richard

Turnbull, James

Urquhart, Colin

Waddell, Alexander

Waddle, John

Wade, John

Wales, Robert

Wales, Robert

Walker, Abraham

Wallis, Richard

Walton, James

Warburton, Robert

Ware, Jeremiah

Waterson, James, jun.

Waterson, James, sen.

Waterson, James, sen.

Waterson, William

Watson, Joseph T.

Watson, Joseph T.

Watson, Prideaux

Watson, Robert

Watts, John

Wedge, Edward

Wedge, John

Welch, John

Wells, Thomas

Wells, Thomas

Welsh, John

Whitchurch, W.

White, John

White, Richard

Whitehead, Andrew

Whyte, James

Whyte, James

Wild, William

Williams, Anthony

Williams, David

Williams, Thomas

Williams, Thomas

Williamson, John

Williamson, William

Williett, Nathaniel

Willis, Christopher

Willis, Richard

Wilson, John

Wilson, Matthew

Wilson, Thomas

Wilson, Thomas

Wilson, William

Wilson, William

Wilson, William

Winch, Elizabeth

Wise, Richard

Wishart, Margaret

Wm. Bibra, Lewis Von

Wm. Ogilvie, James

Wood, David

Wood, Patrick

Wood, Patrick

Wood, William

Wooley, Edward

Wooley, William

Worrall, Thomas

Wright, Andrew

Wright, Joseph

Wright, Joseph

Yates, Edward

Young, Charles

Young, Robert

Young, Thomas


Classified Advertising. (1825, November 18). Colonial Times and Tasmanian Advertiser (Hobart, Tas. : 1825 – 1827), p. 4.



3 responses to “Land Grants (1825) – a roll call of (some of) the displacers and map (1824)

  1. Robyn Watson

    Cant seem to find grant for William Watson in Muddy Plains of 650 acres now known as Southarm. Given to him by Gov Arthur June 1825

    • hi Robyn
      He’s missing from what notes I have:

      Bath (Jericho) (County of Monmouth):
      Robert Watson (800 acres)

      Lennox (Ross)(County of Somerset):
      Prideaux Watson (500 acres),

      Bathurst (Epping Forest) (County of Somerset):
      Joseph T Watson (500 acres), Joseph T Watson (800 acres)

      Lake River (Cressy) (County of Westmorland):
      Henry Watson (30 acres)

      Swanport (County of Glamorgan):
      Thomas Watson (1280 acres)

      Caledon (Richmond) (County of Monmouth):
      George Watson (1000 acres), George Watson (1560 acres)

      Where did you find the reference – I probably have a whole lot of people to add to the master list. * This list on the blog is only from one newspaper source and is incomplete.


  2. Shepherd

    “Displacers” is an interesting description of the people on this list. Currently, in the Middle East, particularly Syria and Iraq, ISIS are displacing people whom have lived there for possibly generations. Jews are displacing Palestinians. Tibet was incorporated into the more powerful China. Under the NAZI scheme thousands were dispossessed. The Japanese committed unspeakable atrocities upon whatever soil they set foot. Napoleon’s armies displaced as many. The Roman empire conquered whatever and whomever was in their path. The first settlers of North America displaced the aboriginal people and worse. The Spaniards, in their quest for gold and booty have plunders South and Central America, annihilating ancient civilisations. And, there are countless more I have not mentioned. This is world history, human history, human evolution. While it does not make it right, does any reader think they can re-write history, right all the wrongs, tear up the mortgage contracts between landholders and ANZ, Commonwealth, NAB, and Wetpac banks and all their money, including interest refunded? Tasmania’s history is not unlike the history of any of the aforementioned, throughout the world. Think of all the great inventions that have benefitted humankind that were created from the minds of Tasmanians, of Australians. None of it would have been possible, had Australia not been taken by force, settled, and left wild.

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